LIGHT – Creative Presentation

LIGHT – Creative Presentation

This past Sunday was Vision Sunday.

This poem was included as a part of our Creative Presentation and it brings beautiful expression to our 2016 theme of LIGHT.

Read the poem below and then watch our Vision Video as it brings the poem to life.

LIGHT – by Yemisi Adeleye
In the beginning, God spoke light 
into existence
He coloured the world bright
and brought vision to where there 
was once darkness

then God came to earth as
He brought life
and that life was the light of all mankind

He took on death so we would never
have to become acquainted
Sacrificed His life and resurrected as light

Now this light would like to find home in
our hearts

We are raised to love self,
acquire wealth, 
and become comfortable

but God knows no comfort zone

He knows YOU
He is on the throne
all-seeing and all powerful God
and He chooses to know…you

He knows you like desert knows dry
like soil knows root
like tide knows shore

How can we settle for comfort?
How can we reject the most faithful lover?

He is illuminating the way; 
His words light a path
If only we’d open our eyes
He knows our filth
He lights the crevices of our deep dark
yet whispers, “I love you”

in His presence 
it is impossible to be catered to self

When this light inhabits your very being
You can’t hide it
You can’t deny His glory that shines
This light is not yours to keep
it’s to be shared and shown
to be a light to places that are
decrepit and forgotten
To plant truth and uproot 
weeds of lies that have grown

He asks us 
to be a part of His plan
To prophesy purpose
to walk out His wonders

Will you let His light radiate from you?


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