By Faith

The vision of Vantage Church is to build a thriving, bible-believing church that grows mature and passionate disciples of Christ by challenging mind-sets, caring for and empowering people and raising up the generations.

Vantage Church is not a building or an institution. It’s a family that are committed to loving God and loving people. We are one church, with two campuses, and our desire is to get as close to Jesus as we can, so that we can show others the way to Him. We are passionate about worship, the word, giving, community and most importantly giving people an opportunity to receive salvation. And of course fun… we believe that church should be enjoyed not endured!

We are passionate about the local church and about every generation fulfilling their full potential. From newborns right through to the not-so-young, our hope is that when you come to Vantage Church, you would be welcomed HOME. The mission is love motivated by Love.