Damian and Julie

In January 1999, we both moved to Sydney, Australia from opposite sides of the globe to attend Hillsong International Leadership College. It was there that we met, fell in love, married and firmly planted ourselves at Hillsong Church. Church planting was the furthest thing from our minds as we happily served on the worship team and invested  our time, talent and treasure into building the House.

Being wholeheartedly passionate about the Church and sowing our lives in to build the Kingdom, God began to stir our hearts about planting a church in Toronto (Julie’s hometown).

After spending 10 life-changing years at Hillsong Church, we were released and supported by our leadership to move to Toronto and pioneer Vantage Church.

It has been an exciting journey and looking back over all that God has accomplished in the past six years is a testimony to His grace and kindness. Seven years on we are still as passionate as ever about the Church. Our vision to plant a fresh, vibrant church in Toronto was birthed in our hearts many years ago and today we are so thankful to see Jesus building His house, as He promised. There’s a huge city to reach and we are honoured to be doing our part!

We appreciate you coming to find out more about us and we pray that you feel at home with us at Vantage Church.


Damian and Julie Bassett
Senior Pastors of Vantage Church

Passionate about People

Damian and Julie Bassett planted and pastor Vantage Church, one church with two locations, in Toronto, Canada’s most populous and multicultural city. They are passionate about leading people towards a genuine relationship with Jesus and empowering them to realize their full potential in Christ. They have been married for 15 years and have three beautiful daughters.

Damian and Julie are both ordained ministers through Open Bible Faith Fellowship. For more information on O.B.F.F. as a fellowship, please visit their website at www.obff.com.

They are also members of the Hillsong Leadership Network – www.hillsongnetwork.com and Vantage Church is one of  29 global churches that are part of the Hillsong Family. www.hillsong.com/family