a message to our creative team

a message to our creative team

The following is an encouragement to our creative team from Ps Julie. We love our Creative Team and are so grateful that they are always pushing forwards, in an effort to not only cultivate their gift but most importantly their relationship with God. We are so blessed!

“Good morning to the best team! Hey I just wanted to encourage you with something that I shared with our city team last night post-service. 

We cannot lead people to places we have not been and our church cannot go where we, as a team, have not been. If we want to lead our church to a place of deep, life-transformative worship, then we must first go to that place. My prayer for my own life has been “Lord- whatever needs to be removed in me or cultivated in me- do it.” I don’t want to be a barrier for our church. And as a team, we carry that together. Not just those of us on the platform- all of us.

Designers – go to deep places with God to create and design artwork that speaks to the very core of people’s souls. 

Photographers – allow the Holy Spirit to chip away at the hard places of your hearts in order to see and capture what He sees. 

Drummers – get on your knees and ask God to anoint you so that when you hit that drum, you’re not just making noise but you’re literally breaking open the atmosphere with every hit. 

Singers – don’t just sing. Be passionate in your expression of worship and show our church how to bring a sacrifice of praise. Not because I’m telling you to, but because you have wrestled with God in the secret places and are able to demonstrate your gratitude to Him as an outward expression that contributes to creating an atmosphere of faith in our services. 

Audio engineers- ask God what He hears when we worship. Ask Him for wisdom on how you can create an audio experience that points people straight to the throne room of God, void of the many noises and pops that can distract them from really entering in.

Whatever you find yourself doing on our team, don’t just use your gift. Go deep with God, for yourself, and for our church. We have barely even scratched the surface of what God wants to do in our church and it’s up to all of us to cultivate our relationship with Him. And as we seek Him and really “go there” with Him, we will see the creative expression in our house lift to a whole different level and the heavens will open in an even more powerful way. Let’s fight for it. 

I love you all so greatly and I am so excited about what’s ahead for us. Come on the journey. Choose to be aligned to the vision of this house because that is where the blessing will come.”


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