A letter from our pastors…

A letter from our pastors…

Hi Church,

As you know, we have our annual momentum offering this weekend. Momentum Offering is where we come together and give financially, above our regular tithes and offerings, to sow into what God is doing in and through us at Vantage Church.

Every time we have gathered in past years and given sacrificially as a church it has caused great momentum for our church and helped propel us forwards. It has enabled us to do things we otherwise would not have been able to do and to reach people we otherwise would not have been able to reach. Our City Campus, for example, was started because of our Momentum Offering a few years ago – that in itself is a great testimony of how generous giving can produce great fruit.

When God’s people gather in unity and do something prayerfully and sacrificially, like giving, it not only helps us to pastor people and build a HOME for us all to belong to, but it also brings great glory to God! Our offering is a stake in the ground for His Kingdom and His glory.

Building momentum is both about NOW and the FUTURE. The financial sacrifice that we will make together this weekend, will not only help us to finance the immediate needs we have as a church, from a position of strength, but it also will allow us to to build a strong future. We are building for the generations, not just the here and now!

Can we encourage you to never underestimate the part that you play?! What we can do individually is nothing compared to what we can accomplish collectively! Some will be able to give more than others –  it isn’t the amount that is important. It’s  about the condition of your heart and your willingness to bring an offering to God that has cost you something. Not equal giving but equal sacrifice.

Maybe you have already prayed and decided in your heart what you will give this Sunday. Or maybe you are still thinking and praying it through. No matter where you are at, come and celebrate this Momentum Sunday with your church family, as together we worship in unity and believe for a miracle. We truly are better together and we are so excited about the journey ahead for Vantage Church.

We love you and consider it a great honour to do life with you.

With love,

Damian and Julie

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